Address: 52 Vojvode Putnika st., Sabac
Sabac Phone: +381 15 344 557
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EXPERT TEAM Veterinary Station Sabac AD , dedicated tends order to at any time be excellent in providing veterinary care . We give promise to continuously improve their knowledge and offer the best Western union point treatment, expertise , care and respect for your pet .
Our goal is to promote preventive health care, and education of the owners / foster parents .

Central Veterinary Clinic is located at 52 Duke Travellers across Sabac racecourse . It employs four doctors Veterinarian medicine and a veterinary technician working days , ie from Monday to Friday working hours are from 07.00 to 9.00. On weekends , Saturdays and Sundays paper is organized in two shifts and from 08.00 - 13.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00 hours .
Ambulance is equipped with high quality equipment for the diagnosis and providing a variety of therapeutic services for all types of pets.
Veterinarians at the clinic inspect and treat dogs , cats , rodents and birds. Pet owners are also available services:

- Vaccination against infectious diseases of dogs and cats
- Labelling ( chipping ) and issuing documents
- Ultrasound diagnosis
- Dental procedures
- Artificial insemination
- Obstetrics
- Soft tissue surgery , orthopedic surgery and corrective surgery
- Hygienic trimming

In addition to the clinic , owners can use the well- equipped veterinary pharmacy where can instantly obtain the correct and necessary medicines , preparations against external and internal parasites , medical diet and nutrition supplements .
Tips for using medical supplies and care of pets in the pharmacy give qualified doctors of veterinary medicine .

Within the Veterinary Station Sabac There are another 16 business units in the near Sabac available to users of veterinary services . They work well educated and experienced veterinarians and veterinary technicians . They are ready to respond to all requests in the care and animal health in large and small practices . Thanks to its superior organizational structure , staff at all veterinarians veterinary stations Sabac provide round the clock prompt and efficient assistance to very large teritiriji .

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