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Address: 6 Zdravkovica st., Obrenovac
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In business since: 01.1999.

Veterinarian clinic BIOS began work on 1st of September 1999.

Every clinic has their own strategy and methods, something that sets them apart from others. This is why most owners are particular about whom they trust with their pets' health.

What we are famous for at BIOS clinic is that we approach every issue that the animal is suffering from with responsibility, expertise and a lot of love.

We always do our best to save every life.

We are the first and so far only veterinarian clinic in Obrenovac who works as a 'daily hospital', meaning we offer treatment for our pets at our clinic throughout the da.

This allows us to administer continuous therapy, follow changes, analyze them and change the therapy when needed.

Of course, this kind of therapy also allows the owner to take care of their obligations knowing that their pets have the best care.

We keep track of every patient in our digital database which allows us to monitor your pets' health since their first visit to our clinic.

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 10AM - 6PM
Sat: 9AM - 3PM

BIOS VETERINARY CLINIC, 6 Zdravkovica st., Obrenovac
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