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Beekeeping Cacak

Address: 3a Brace Novicic st., Cacak
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In business since: 2013.

Veterinarian pharmacy Linea-vet


3a Brace Novicic street, Ljubic, Cacak

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Veterinarian pharmacy Linea-vet offers a large selection of medication, food and equipment for domestic animals and pets, beekeeping equipment and drugs, DDD products (against insects and rodents) at affordable prices.

Medication includes all types of medicaments for all kinds of domestic animals, both for pets and livestock. We offer an excellent selection of anti-parasite medication against external and internal parasites, antibiotics, vitamins and supplements, dermatological products.

Food. Large selection of various types and classes of food - economic, premium and super-premium, for dogs and cats of all ages: starters, junior, adult; food for small, medium and big breeds (dry food and wet food in pouches and cans, salami, pates), treats and medicinal, dietetic food.

We also offer food, treats and vitamins for birds (canries, parrots, pidgeons) and rodents (rabbits, hamsters, Guinnea pigs).

Equipment for dogs and cats includes collars, leashes, birdles and muzzles of various sizes and materials (leather, metal, textile), beds, diapers, wet wipes, climbers, large selection of toys, transporters of all sizes, food and water dishes, clothing, kitty litter (clay and silicone), brushes, combs, trimmers.

We also sell bird and rodent cages, feeders and water dispensers, hay and sawdust.

Cosmetics: shampoos for various purposes (black and white dogs, long and short hair, for puppies, anti-parasite, medical shampoo for dogs and cats with dermatology issues) dry washing shampoo, hygiene products for the eye and ear region and oral hygiene products.

Beekeeping program - hive and beekeeping equipment (smokers, feeders, water dispensers, wires, brushes, forks, flight closers, polen gatherers, foundation, beekeping hats, shirts, suits, gloves).

We also offer bee medication (anti-varoa products, nonsemosis products etc.) as well as bee food.

Disinfection products for space and animal equipment, insecticides (products against flies, ants, cockroaches) and rodenticides (products against mice and rats)

If you are interested in products that we currently don't stock, we can order them for you.

VET PHARMACY LINEA-VET, 3a Brace Novicic st., Cacak
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