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    Specialist clinics Cacak

    Address: 6/11 Pristinska st., Cacak
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    In business since: 2002.


    Our skin is the "novel about our life". In order for it to be healthy and beautiful, you have to be dedicated. Our clinic DERMIS is there to help you nurture your skin in the best possible way and save it from various harmful effects it has to face every day.

    Our clinic "DERMIS" has been working in skin and venereal disease treatment for years now. The dermatological examination involves skin and mucus membrane examination for the entire body, including skin and nails.

    In addition to examination, at DERMIS clinic you can get services in:

    DERMATOLOGY SURGERY - radio wave surgery with cryotherapy which can remove skin changes such as papilloma, keratosis, hemangioma, condyloma and warts.

    AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY - rejuvenation using hyaluronic fillers, vistabel, mesonites, PRH-T33 chemical peeling, mesotherapy, needle (skinbooster), dermapen mesotherapy.

    MEDICAL COSMETOLOGY - which includes a classical (hygiene) treatment, biological regeneration and anti-aging treatments, electrophoresis, active substances (collagen, elastane, hyaluronic, retinol, oligo-elements, scars and blemishes and reducing skin oiliness.

    Then there are treatments such as microdermal abrasion, ultrasound spatula, ultrasound, hot and cold face massage, oxygen therapy.

    BEAUTY MARK DERMOSCOPY - which can help us set a reliable diagnosis of pigment lesions and beauty marks and differentiate between melanoma and benign skin changes.


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