Address: 8/2 Kuzeljeva st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 32 348 973
Phone 2: +381 64 391 30 59
Email: drm.roganovic@gmail.com
4/ 5stars

Specialized ORL clinic has been in business in Cacak and the surrounding area since 2015.

Even though we are a young clinic, we have managed to use our high quality services and affordable prices in order to gain the trust of many satisfied patients.

The owner and founder of the clinic is Prim. Dr. Milan Roganovic. 

The services we offer at our clinic include:

1. Full ORL examination
2. Hearing examination in children and adults – tympanometry and audiometry
3. Early detection of deafness and impaired hearing in babies – otoacoustic emissions
4. Vestibular examination with calorie testing – balance testing
5. Video hedimpuls test (VHIT) for balance testing 
6. Treating sinuses using the Proetzer method
7. Repository maneuvers with certain types of dizziness
8. Ultrasound examination of the neck, lymph nodes, spit nodes.
9. Ultrasound examination of neck blood vessels – cartoids
10. Inhalation
11. Administering therapy, injections, vaccines
12. General medicine examinations
13. Botox and hyaluronic fillers for aesthetic and therapy purposes

Our clinic working hours:
- Mon, Wed and Fri: 10AM - 4PM
- Sat and Sun we are closed

For more information contact us at: 032/348-973 i 064/391-30-59.