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    Specialist clinics Cacak

    Address: 58 Nemanjina st., Cacak
    Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
    Parking Parking
    In business since: 1992.

    Dental clinic Dr. Milos Vojinovic is a part of the family tradition of private dental practices in Cacak dating back since 1992.

    As of 2010 we have been working in newly constructed and modernly furnished offices and we are able to provide the highest quality standards in dental services, along with our professional associates in all domains of dental medicine.

    Our main qualities are healthy teamwork and professional atmosphere as well as our full dedication to our patients.

    In addition to dental offers we at Dr. Milos Vojinovic dental clinic offer you various way to rejuvenate your appearance using hyaluronic acid, botox and mesotherapy.

    Dr. Marija Vojinovic is there to help you find the best solution for you.

    If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your face, neck and lips, hyaluronic filler is the best choice for you

    Using hyaluronic acid allows us to eliminate wrinkles without any consequences or recovery period, offering you a rejuvenated appearance in a very short time.

    Reduce ageing signs such as wrinkles and restore the youthful glow to your face with hyaluronic fillers, only at Dr. Milos Vojinovic specialized dental clinic.

    The effects are irresistible and the treated area looks fresh and seductive, which is why this procedure is so popular with patients around the world.

    BOTOX has also been used for aesthetic purposes for several decades now.

    It works by degrading protein which is included in the SHARE complex which are required to produce acetylcholine which results in eliminating muscle contraction.

    BOTOX is ideal for the upper third of the face – the area around the forehead, eye wrinkles and the smoking area.

    MESIOTHERAPY is a modern, non-surgical method of injecting vitamin cocktails and active substances into the middle skin layer.

    This method introduces vitamins, hyaluronic acid, aminoacids and circulation enhancers as well as nutritional ingredients straight into the skin, stimulating elastene and collagen production which give the skin its smooth and elastic youthful appearance.

    Whichever treatment you choose, you can be sure that you’re in the right hands with Dr. Marija Vojinovic’s help.


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