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Address: 130 Grdovici st., Arilje
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In business since: 1966.

In Arilje, one of the oldest Serbian towns that has been there for centuries at the crossroads of the two cleanest Serbian rivers, the Rzava and the Moravica, the gastronomic tradition and hospitality of the Simovic family is best witnessed by the national cuisine restaurant "Ribar1966".

Known as a representative restaurant, they take their guests to Kojo Ariljka when they want to show them the rich taste of food and drinks that this area has to offer.

In a friendly environment in which the secret of the top catering trade has been passed on to the fourth generation since 1966, the discovery of gastronomic secrets always begins with the top plum 'rakia' brandy.

Originating from the homestead cauldrons, which with its inimitable bouquet introduces the world of exciting smells and tastes, Aril rivers and mountains, known for their top-quality veal and lamb, which is prepared here for connoisseur gourmets under the sacha, according to the old recipe of the founder of a line of excellent restaurateurs.

In addition to a wide range of food and drinks, the "Ribar1966" restaurant also has a congress hall that can accommodate forty guests and can be used for various types of presentations.

By reserving the room for the purpose of presentation, the restaurant also has a video projector and a screen for showing promotional material.

RESTAURANT RIBAR, 130 Grdovici st., Arilje
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