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Congress tourism Banatski Karlovac

Address: Devojacki bunar nn, Banatski Karlovac
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In business since: 2000.

** Specific to this oasis of nature is expressed dinski relief, which is the altitude range between 70 and 197m, and the absence of surface waters, and climate is temperate-continental, with a specific microclimate, which offers excellent facilities to relax in a pleasant and recovery, and for sports and recreational activities. The exceptional climatic conditions, in addition to competent authorities, witnesses and the natives of this place, and that Blue Lady offers great conditions for the treatment aspiratornog tract infections in young children. ** Due to the needs of sports clubs, coaches, sports officials and all that in one place can find everything they need to organize sports training, the Blue Ladies you can find everything you need for an organization preparing or participating in an international tournament . Directly to the hotel there is a standard football field. The area around the hotel abounds with trails suitable for fitness and conditioning training. We are here to help you provide optimal conditions for the preparation of your athletes, and thus achieve better results next season. ** During the school year or holidays Blue Lady organize children's camp in the countryside. Recreational classes and is designed for školarce lower classes, usually takes place in order to inform and approaching the city's children stay in the countryside and its preservation. Urban children in this way directly acquainted with the flora and fauna in their natural environment. ** Garden restaurant zauzuma central place at the entrance to the restaurant. Has 80 seats and is directly connected to the restaurant, so that on her next beverage can be served by all the food from the rich menu of restaurant kitchens. The restaurant is done in accordance with authentic style interior and a combination of solid wood and modern materials that exude warmth and comfort. Combined with a hall for the ceremony, the space can be customized in Rapone 50 - 500 seats and summer garden with 80 seats. In the restaurant there is open bar-pub drinks. Restaurant combines a wide variety of national and local cuisine prepared with top quality natural products of rural households, and according to traditional recipes of local cuisine. Excellent service, food quality, environment and technical capacity of the restaurant, a guarantee of high quality and diversity of supply. ** Business and family, group and individual formal dinners, banquets, cocktails, buffets and other aspects of catering facilities with which this restaurant has, by the warmth of home corner, make a wish every guest to visit it again.

RESTAURANT WITH ACCOMMODATION PLAVA DAMA, Devojacki bunar nn, Banatski Karlovac
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