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Address: 181 Sadjevac st., Ivanjica
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Hotel Prezident is located in the city center, a place filled with warmth that aims to provide a top level of comfort to its guests. The hotel attracts a large number of visitors daily, both from the local community and abroad, including tourists and business people of all generations.

Known for its exceptional hospitality, high professionalism of staff in all areas, quality and delicious cuisine, Prezident Bar & Restaurant creates a sense of being at home. Here, you'll find a passion for hospitality, gastronomy, and perfect event organization, as well as a constant desire for innovation. That's why Hotel Prezident quickly became one of the most popular and frequently visited hotels in western Serbia.

We host numerous visitors from various parts of the world and the country every day. Our domestic flatbreads are baked, and homemade pastries and renowned specialties are prepared with love. Additionally, our restaurant is recognized by business people and families as a place to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

When you visit Hotel Prezident, it's always advisable to make your reservations in advance because we always have people looking for an extra seat!

HOTEL PREZIDENT, 181 Sadjevac st., Ivanjica
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