Address: Vigoste, Arilje
Arilje Phone: +381 60 089 28 62
Phone 2: +381 31 891 779
Phone 3: +381 31 892 862
4/ 5stars

DJurdjevdan Bakery with its team of professionals has SUCCESSFULY existed for many years.

Always fresh bread, pastries, sandwiches and the most delicious burek SURE YOU BUY in our production as well as our sales-traditional place at a bus station in Arilje.

Our products can also be found in many food production shops and restaurants.
And if you are the owners of these facilities can call us or visit our production and co-operate with our team.

Besides the production of bakery products, we also

SERVICE-FIRING pork, lamb, and we quite sure that we are doing VERY WELL AND VEST

-Taste of our baking is recognizable in OVER DIFFERENT roasters SERBIAN

COME, call back and see the quality of our services!



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