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    Auto services Zrenjanin

    Address: Lazarevacki drum nn, Zrenjanin

    Car service JOVIN was founded on 15.09.2000 and quickly became one of the leading services for motor vehicles in Zrenjanin. After many years of experience with all kinds of vehicles existing in the area of Mid-Banat, service Jovin specialized in servicing Mercedes vehicles and, in the spirit of the time, also conquered servicing vehicles using computer technology diagnostics. The service came to be above all from the love for cars and from the very start there was the goal of specializing for Mercedes vehicles because of their high quality. Encompassed in the service there is the possibility to buy spare parts, exclusively for Mercedes vehicles. Our expert staff with years of experience can quickly and easily fix all kinds of mechanical malfunctions from general repairs to stick rehaul, trap repairs, regular maintanance and servicing of your vehicle. jovinsr@nadlanu.com