Car air conditioning Zrenjanin

Address: 22 Lenjinova st., Melenci, Zrenjanin
Viber: 064/01-20-123

Car air conditioning service Melenci is a service that exclusively repairs Melenci vehicle air-conditioning.

The service uses BRAIN BEE air conditioning station of the latest generation that has a database on all vehicles.

The services we offer include:
- Automatic diagnostic of the amount and concentration of freons and oil in the cooling system
- Draining the system
- Testing the sealing of the cooling system
- Vacuuming the system
- Charging air conditioners with the exact needed amount of cooling gas and oil (according to the data issued by the vehicle manufacturer)
- Adding UV dye into the system (for easier system leak detection)
- We repair car air conditioning installations (replace and repair air-conditioning compressors, condensators...)

Servicing term can be scheduled via our listed numbers.

We are waiting for you!


CAR AIR CONDITION SERVICE MELENCI, 22 Lenjinova st., Melenci, Zrenjanin
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