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Exhaust services Zrenjanin

Address: 10 Artemova st., Zrenjanin
Viber: 064/143-89-27
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Exhaust service "Smith" has existed for 13 years in Zrenjanin and is one he most professional service of this kind in the city.

This is evidenced by a high level of quality that we produce exhaust pipes to steel, and stainless steel.

This service is offered completely free diagnosis of your exhaust system with expert advice.

All materials which are in exhaust service "Smith" used in the process, are high quality corrosion-resistant and all matters affecting the rapid deterioration of exhaust pipes.

In addition to standard muffler there is a production sports model.

We'd like to highlight:

Your decision to buy in our company, replace or repair the exhaust system on your car, in itself is a guarantee that you will get for your money the best.

At a time when manufacturers of spare parts to worry too much about the quality and durability, we make an exception for you and produce quality exhausts at affordable prices.

Employees in the service they claim is a great satisfaction in the work of previous develop trust of numerous clients.

EXHAUST PIPE SERVICE KOVAC, 10 Artemova st., Zrenjanin
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