Address: 17 Knez Mihailova st., Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 14 227 666
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A family tradition of hospitality dating back to 1964, under the original name "Tavern Magleš". Its distinctive ambience and the service marked the decade of its existence, and in 1989 grew into a new name, the restaurant "The Duro" in Valjevo in unincorporated shopping street Dragojla Dudića 17th Today is Prince Michael Street, where she successfully retain its decades-long recognition, trying to number and satisfaction of our guests and staff is even greater.

Iligan Valjevo, authentic interior and warm ambiance permeates restaurant a homey atmosphere, a friendly staff and selected national dishes satisfy the guests with refined taste.
The pleasure of your morning coffee with a newspaper, talking with the guests of our house ... tradicionlnom breakfast for a good start for example. bun with cracklings ... cup of home-made plum brandy ... Đurovače healthy lunch freshly cooked beef with horseradish and vegetables ... decent business lunch with specialties pie, or meat and a glass of good wine ...

Whichever you choose, you will feel the pleasure of taste warm atmosphere that prevails and become a part of our environment. Activity of our business is driven by the demands of our clientele only and eventually gained an even greater variety and quality of the services we provide.

National Cuisine "The Duro":

Traditional dishes of our cuisine, professional service and authentic interior give the old city charm of this modern restaurant.
The main part of the menu includes: hot and cold appetizers, soups, always cooked fresh Serbian dishes, specialties under the bell and grilled dishes to order. In the tradition of staying and when it comes to desserts, offering you delicious desserts: baklava, homemade pies, pancakes ... We offer a large selection of high quality beverages, both domestic and foreign, and we are pleased to offer you always enjoy the taste of our brand, fruit brandy "Đurovača".

Celebrations: National Cuisine "The Duro" is known as the restaurant in which the government is always a good mood, so therefore every celebration and joy with us always welcome! Restaurant space for about 100 guests, with additional capacity to the summer garden with about 20 guests, and is ideal for organizing all kinds of celebrations.

Me, Drink and organize music certainly in agreement with you, and our decades of presence, professional service and quality are the greatest guarantee of your trust.

Trends and fast lifestyle habits increasingly popularized the so-called Western countries. fast food diet. However, those who criticize the Serbian food needs to know the fact that the Serbs as a people generally thinner than people of many Western countries. A quick way of life usually becomes an excuse for Avoiding quality lunch. Again, in accordance with the requirements of our guests and provide the opportunity for any of our dishes to take away.

Taste our food you're used to, or you just, you can order in person at the restaurant or by phone to the desired time. Any dish from our menu will be properly packed and waiting for you!
Do not take away the taste of the food itself that you're used to ... but there's something about when you eat slowly simmer ...