Address: 154 Karadjordjeva st., Lipolist, Sabac
Sabac Phone: +381 15 274-368, +381 15 274-347, fax: +381 15 274-431

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Brothers Topalovic, Lipolist, Sabac Nursery was established in 1931, founded the Ivan M. Topalovic. Then the nursery business was the production of fruit seedlings. Since 1960. The nursery is producing rose plants and sawmills. In the period 1960-1990. vol. nursery called BROTHERS TOPALOVIC and manage the nursery and Janko Zivojin Topalovic. Dipl. Eng. Ivan Topalovic assume leadership of the nursery in 1985. Nursery changing the name for family reasons 1990. the Nursery Rose Ivan J. Topalovic. After decades of successful operations, since 2006. The nursery will operate within the company NURSERY ROSE BROTHERS LTD TOPALOVIC The main activity of the newly formed company will be the production of rose plants, sawmills, sawmills, wicker, designing, building and maintaining green spaces. In many years of business we have won numerous awards and some of them are: - Diplome1955.god. First prize awarded by the National Collection The District of exposed fruit. - 1995. At the second international horticulture trade fair in Novi Sad gold medal. - 1996. At the third international fair of horticulture in Novi Sad, large gold medal and a championship trophy as overall winner of the Novi Sad Fair. - 1997. On the fourth international fair of horticulture Silver Champion Cup. - 1994. Gold rose as the winner of the Rose Festival Lipolista. Yard Ivan J. Topalovic The capacity of the nursery: - 150000 rose plants annually - 15000 conifers - 5000 seedlings of ornamental shrubs Buying roses and conifers is a matter of trust. We trust we have to justify.