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    Landscape Architecture, garden decoration Zrenjanin

    Address: 16a Opovacka st. , Zrenjanin

    As of September in the nursery garden Eden, we have the highest quality offer and best prices

    The nursery garden Eden was founded in 1991. The founder and owner is Ilija Jovanov, gr.eng.horticulture. The basic activity is projecting and arranging green surfaces, setting grass carpets, making alpinetumi and fountains.

    In addition to this, the nursery garden grows tree saplings and decorative shrubbery as well as garden flowers. The yearly production is over 100000 pieces.

    In the past period the Eden garden has done over 1000 projects in parks and public properties as well as private gardens in the territory of Serbia Our saplings quality and EU standard projecting are the guarantee of success in creating a nicer outlook on life.