Address: 8 Macvanska st., Sabac
Sabac Phone: +381 15 7100 807
Phone 2: +381 66 333 113
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Fizikal center with its supporting facilities offers a complete solution for all types of rehabilitation process. From the moment you entrust your health to us, our team has a goal that is subordinate to the achievement of your progress in the rehabilitation process.

With the best equipment and highly trained staff, we are able to offer you the highest quality diagnosis and determine the optimum combination therapy that will help in the future treatment.

In addition to traditional, conventional methods of application of physical agents, available to our equipment is carefully selected in a decades-long process of clinical trials. We will give you the level of service you could expect in all licensed establishments in the European Union and the United States.

In accordance with different lifestyles and the nature of the sport, we have developed different types of therapy that in the best way I can respond to your individual needs. Treatment is important to implement the strictly defined advice of our professional team, so that the whole clinic dedicated to your faster recovery and in accordance with your available time.

- Find the right combination therapy that will enable our customers better and healthier life.
- Constant professional development of our employees and the careful selection of the technological basis for the implementation of therapy.
- Customizing the user and his or her needs with the daily care of during treatment.
- Listening to you as the user for which we improve our channels of communication in order to be able to respond to your requests.

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