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... since the ancient Greeks and Hippocrates. -Painful conditions and deformities of the spine (lumbar and cervical syndrome, lumbago,  poor posture, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis) - Spondylosis and spinal conditions that can cause: headaches, weakness in their hands, or numbness, dizziness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) ... -Painful stiffness and muscle rigidity-myalgia and fibromyalgia -Sports and other injuries of the joints (sprains and strains) -Massage as a complementary therapy for spastic conditions, cerebral palsy and other motor disorders in children. -Decompression treatment of painful conditions of the spine on a special-duty table. Massage and manual handling techniques, shiatsu, acupressure, osteopathy and kiropraksa people and traditional medicine known as fixing the joints and spine, combined with stretching that extension cervical and lumbar regions of special-duty table proved to be very effective and the situation where there is less or greater displacement of bone structures from their normal deposit (luxation, subluxation, spondylolisthesis ...) which cause the mildest case of tension and muscle pain surrounding structures are often complicated and numbness and weakness of muscles and their atrophy. While this shift is not resolved, everything else would be undertaking the treatment of pain that is a consequence rather than the cause! The consequences of stress - prolonged tension and muscle stiffness mainly around the spine - the lower back, neck or shoulder at the junction of the neck and head and neck, eventually becoming degenerative changes: fibromyalgia (painful "bumps" in the muscles) are often accompanied by headaches, rheumatism -periartitis, spondylosis of the spine and spinal disorders tends DISKPATIA structures, annular swelling, protrusion and herniation. The above technique called Unified Sweden deep massage began immediately after the Second World War, to apply from Peter Opavski Pazova around better known as Uncle Pera initially nameštajući wry joints and treating the daily violations of their fellow citizens, I am a long time and then almost semi-underground and later in Zurich, Switzerland, further perfected and specializes in therapeutic massage. At the end of the seventies he worked with several associates and eighties he continued to practice family grandson Peter Opavski Keser, fizioteraputom, still active, now more as a mentor and advisor to the combination of tradition and experience and enthusiasm and new knowledge of physical therapy and related techniques, not as clean alternative but to supplement existing, recognized and official methods or as it is now talking complementary medicine. Peter and Peter Opavski Keser Opavski the "Peter-Center" SR Center for Traditional, sports, relaxation and therapeutic massage and passive recreation kiropraksu - cervical and lumbar extension-traction. Corrective exercises and gymnastics and recreation, fitness and other preventative activities at our center are also planned, because not only adults but children and less exercise and more of their time indoors in front of the TV or monitor your PC without or with very little physical activity during free time at school and unfortunately, it is through changes in the musculo-skeletal system, sooner or later feel! Change their habits, because we can reduce and relieve symptoms related to the spine and joints, however, the body can help but not make it to the recovery. You do however, you can prevent that is to prevent a. It certainly means less work for us but it means a lot more comfortable and a life free of pain for you. All the best in health!

CENTER PETAR CENTER FOR MASSAGE, 103 Safarikova st, Stara Pazova
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