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    Language schools Sabac

    Address: 1 Cara Dusana st, IV floor
    Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
    Parking Parking
    In business since: 1994.

    In Ex profess you can learn: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Serbian ... 10 good reasons to opt for Ex profess school • Classes for adults • CIP-120 program, all languages • Private Tuition • Poluindividualna teaching • Group classes • General programs • Business Programs • Thematic business programs • Preparation for Cambridge • Combined Programs 1. Finally the true teaching method! Efficient method does not exist! 2. Our instructional programs provide continuous and systematic progress in learning a foreign language. 3. All teachers are experienced philologists 4. Classes are dynamic and interesting. 5. Our courses offer a large and diverse. Surely we have a solution for you. 6. Quick and easy to reach the desired goal of saving time and money. 7. We are professional and have excellent reputation. 8. We are the vanguard and always contemporary. 9. Here you will gain the knowledge and confidence in your knowledge! 10. Their work and selection of literature, are part of an international chain of schools, which allow you to gain the world known a degree in one of the authorized centers (eg the British Council in Belgrade, Zagreb, Podgorica ...) and continue with the same program in any school in the world! * Groups 1. Courses - courses for adults 2. CIP 120 ® programs (Crash Intensity Programme) 3. Individual lessons - flexible terms, flexible program 4. Poluindividualni classes (groups of 2 or maximum 3 students) 5. Group lessons * PROGRAMS 1. General Programs 2. Business Programs 3. Thematic business programs 4. Combined Programs 5. Preparation for Cambridge ESOL and TOEFL exams LET YOU LEARN TO THOSE WHO KNOW BEST!

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