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“Translation office” is an online translation office that specializes in the Italian language and opts to work predominantly with companies in various sectors. 

We provide outstanding quality services and stand apart from others thanks to our professionalism, expertise and our focus towards our clients’ needs. 

Our team includes professors, translators and court interpreters who all have broad and decades-worth of experience. 

Any company that requires translation for its documents can send us the material for an estimation of price and time required for completion. 

After that, we will pick up the original document and deliver the translation to your address (e-mail, or if it is a verified translation we deliver to your specified company office address).

The idea is to make online business more efficient and take advantage of the many opportunities that modern day business practices have to offer. 

At the same time we promote and support the preservation of our natural environment by not printing any documents that can be used in an electronic format. 

We offer the following services:


It is important for a translation to fully reflect the spirit and content of the original text because that is the only way to overcome language barriers. 

Written translations can include translations with or without verification. 

Verified translation include:

-Birth, wedding and death certificates

-Education qualifications, diplomas, degrees, testimonials etc. 

-Personal documents (personal IDs, passboards, driver’s licenses etc.) 

-Court documents, acts, verdicts, appeals, indictments...

-Acts issued by the public notary, authorizations, warrants...

-Company documents, balances, statutes...

-Various certificates (national employment service, the cadastre, the police, the PIO fund, insurance etc.) 

-Medical reports

-Translation for purchase and sale contracts, lease contracts, transfers (of rights, property etc.) and much more. 

Translations without verification can include many things:

-translations for websites which is increasingly necessary because it helps in overcoming language barriers, presenting businesses to potential new clients and and conquering broader markets. 

This is why it’s very important that the translation sounds good in the target language and transfer the client’s desired message. 

-technical documentation translations which include translations for various kinds of technical documents (engineering, electrotechnology, construction, architecture and IT) 

The translation speaks of the manufacturer as much as the product itself, so it’s necessary to provide clear and precise instructions with proper elaboration in the spirit of the target language. 

We translate the following technical documentation (certain types of documents may need verification): 

- technical use and maintenance manuals and technical specifications

- installation instructions

- declarations of conformity

- technical sheets

- warranties

- technical catalogs and brochures

- technical drawings and components

- construction documentation

- CE test certificates

Other translations that don’t require verification:

- software translations

- book translations (e-books)

- translations in the field of tourism

- transcripts of audio recordings

- translations of director's texts and subtitles

- translation revisions

We employ experts who specialize in every type of translation listed and who completely understand the matter and professional terminology and possess over 10 years of work experience. 


In addition to expertise and experience, oral translations require exceptional focus and concentration from the translator. They also have to be able to react quickly and be very good at communication. 

Oral translation includes options such as:
- consecutive translation
- simultaneous translations
- negotiations
- chuchotage (whispering) 

These are very demanding mental tasks which demand that the translator is experienced and skilled because they have to listen, memorize, sometimes write down the conversation and then translate it using the appropriate terminology depending on the topic of the conversation. 

Italian language courses

- Individual

- Group

- Business

- Italian language courses for companies (Tailor made)

- Italian language course for kids aged 4-10

- Italian language course for international school students 

- Preparations for the CILS and CELI exams

Specialized terminology courses for Italian

-for doctors and health workers 

-for economists and bankers

-for legal experts 

-a course in written and court translation 

Translation office provides all of its courses online.

Wherever you are, you can study with us from the comfort of your home and successfully prepare for important life challenges.

The programs are designed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The courses are taught by professors who have extensive work experience.

We use the latest textbooks from Italian publishing houses.

The didactic approach is modern and innovative, accompanied by appealing video and audio material with lots of fantastic exercises and electronic resources that you can access independently at any time.

At the request of the client, it is possible to organize a course in an adequately equipped space in accordance with the standards of modern teaching.

Upon completing the course, the candidates receive a certificate.

We will be happy to support you on your road to success!

Translation office Team 

TRANSLATION OFFICE, 5 Solunska st., Cacak
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