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    Specialist clinics Novi Pazar

    Address: 24 Relje Krilatice st. Novi Pazar
    Website: www.ehomc.com


    Dr. Enes Maljevac started their private practice on 12th of August 1991, with the SSA-TOSHIBA 38B ultrasound device.

    The clinic was then re-named EHO and fully became independent in September 1992.

    During that year, the clinic grew into a full-fledged Health Institution “EHO-C” with the purchase of the latest color ultrasound device (Esaote Idea AU4, Voluson 530DMT, Acuson Secvoja 512), full x-ray cabinet and modern biochemical and microbiological laboratory with computer support in all workplaces.

    Today, in addition to the above-mentioned ultrasound technology, we also have a new device: VINGMED sound – system Five, exclusively for cardiology and vascular examinations using the Myndray DC-70 GE VIVID 7 and Sequoia Acuson 512.

    We employ several nurses, two x-ray technicians, 2 biochemistry technicians and consultants in cardiology, urology, endocrinology, pulmology, vascular surgery and oncology.

    The clinic has a device for full analysis of the entire body’s condition, the so-called AMSAT or Computerized electro-dermal, functional diagnostic where you can get the full body image in 3-10 minutes with a display of affected organs or body regions, up to 2 years before the symptoms can be manifested.

    The possibilities of the AMSAT system are multifold:

    - Getting a quality estimation of your organism’s functional state in the form of phantom analysis up to 2 years before the symptoms would’ve been manifested
    - Help in diagnosing over 400 medical conditions
    - Controlling efficiency of the results obtained through various therapeutic methods and especially via MRT
    - Analyzing dynamic changes of the organism’s functional state during treatment
    - Establishing the primary source of functional disorders
    - Establishing the pathology character using expert systems in our PC databases
    - Following the training and rehabilitation process for athletes after sports injuries.

    By applying MRT, the AMSAT diagnostics creates an optimal and continuing technological cycle of treatment: diagnostics-therapy-diagnostics, allowing us to optimize the process and treatment results. 

    AMSAT is recommended to the wide population of all ages for preventive diagnostics which reveals possible functional disorders up to 2 years before the symptoms would’ve been manifested especially for the more affected professional groups (athletes, managers, military, police personnel...)

    The reliability of our diagnostics is regularly 80% which is a very high percentage compared to other medical devices.

    Examinations can be done on workdays with adequate preparation given when the exam is scheduled.

    We are located at 24 Relje Krilatice street.