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    Translators, translation services Loznica

    Address: 2 Slobodana Penezica st., Loznica

    Translation and interpretation, judicial interpretation, Foreign Correspondence, CONSULTING SERVICES FOR GERMAN, RUSSIAN,


    CERTIFIED COURT INTERPRETER with years of experience

    Complete translation of official documents

    ACCURATE, AND LEGAL same faithful translation

    Top quality translation services.

    Our translators will do everything to make you text was translated in the shortest possible time.

    Where appropriate and according to your request translation can be obtained on the same day.

    With a 28-him experience in translating texts from different areas - foreign trade, economics, law, banking and finance, marketing, technology, medicine and others. field TRANSLATION BUREAU MIRČIĆ guarantee you a successful job.

    For translations of legal documents for the state institutions in the country and abroad, there are our CERTIFIED COURT interpreter.

    All kinds of translation certified by a court interpreter for German and Russian.

    All kinds of translations for English, without judicial certification.

    Foreign pension refund, LOHNSTEUR-A (personal income tax) from Germany and Austria.

    Collection of receivables from abroad.

    Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

    Price individual by certified court interpreter is in the range of 7 - 11 Euro in dinars at the middle exchange rate of NBS.

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