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COURT INTERPRETER FOR THE GERMAN LANGUAGE All types of written and oral, ie. simultaneous translation: - oral translation includes: Trials before all courts, investigative procedures and hearings Business meetings, meeting, meeting of shareholders, meetings and presentations, and fairs All kinds of verbal and written correspondence for legal persons and Physical Education with the countries whose official language of German - written translation include: Court documents, all kinds of judgments, certificates, confirmations, etc.. Pensions and Insurance - Preparing and teaching for the exam at the Goethe-Institute, as the program merger family, and for degrees Start Deutsch A1, A2, B1, B2 ... Translation services agency Mercury using one of the following companies: VS ANIMAL MEDICINE Ltd., Seagull Group Ltd., Inter-mine doo, doo Cobraplast, Ma-piece Ltd. Set doo, doo Zaunergroup, ABD-Prom doo et al.