Address: 2/II - 10 Usce st, Ljig
Ljig Phone: +381 64 12 35 107
Phone 2: +381 14 3445 935
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Biokolor Ljig a team of professionals with years of experience in the production of plasters and other materials for finishing works in construction. We have the knowledge and innovations that enable the creation of products that present a modern and rational. Of course, we are not here just to sell our products. Our expert team will help you choose the right products for your construction operations based on the latest knowledge in this field. When the first delivery of products Biokolor we'll give you advice regarding the preparation, use and techniques of working with our products. All our materials are easy to prepare and install, have the highest quality and are made of ecologically pure raw materials. Using our materials will work faster and better, and thus reduce the overall cost of doing business in this area. Biokolor product range: Bioglet - plasters for fine leveling of the wall surfaces Gletofas - plasters for smooth facade walls Gletakril-Dispersion plasters for fine leveling of the wall surfaces, especially designed to work with colors oikos Biofas Bavalit - Decorative facades designed for protection and decoration of exterior and interior surfaces Biofiks - Glue for expanded polystyrene, used for bonding insulating panels of the facade of Styrofoam to many types of substrates