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Address: 10 Hadzi Ruvimova st., Ljig
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In business since: 1992.

"BOPEX" was founded in 1992 as a specialized enterprise for the production of plaster-mass, façade materials and adhesives.

"BOPEX" he was lucky to have the quality of its products woven of fifty years of family experience in the social sector, production and installation of materials for finishing works in construction.

From the very beginning, the owners of the company, together with its employees aspire to maintain the high quality of its products as well as fairness in business. After many years of successful cooperation with many business partners, we can say that our goal is achieved.

We are particularly proud of the fact that it is a local company whose production is based on local mineral fillers (which our country is extremely rich) as the best world raw materials and chemical manufacturers with original technology and quality control.

Its further development is based on continuous harmonization of our products user requirements and the requirements of building regulations and standards.

Our products are widely distributed throughout the country as well as in the neighboring countries of the region.


GLET-MASA for fine leveling interior wall surfaces. Packing 25/1 and 5/1
FOREIGN GLET-WEIGHT leveling exterior wall surfaces. Packing 25/1.
STIROKOL Adhesive for Styrofoam. It is designed for bonding insulation boards. (sharper structure). Packing 25/1.
STIROKOL-STANDARD Adhesive for Styrofoam (finer structure). Packing 25/1.
GAS LEAK FOR CONCRETE adhesive for aerated concrete masonry blocks. Packing 25/1.
KERAMIK adhesive for ceramic tile. Packing 25/1.
PLEMFAS façade material for making the blasted facades (two-component material). packing 41/1
BAVALIT façade material for making grebane Bavalit facades (two-component material) Packing 41/1.
Polikolor BASE 1:10 impregnating material for wall surfaces. Packing 0,8kg.
WEIGHT OF SPANISH WALL mass for decoration of the walls. Pakovsanje 25/1

BOPEX DOO, 10 Hadzi Ruvimova st., Ljig
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