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    Education centers Jagodina

    Address: 7/3 Boska Djuricica st., Jagodina
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    In business since: 1992.

    We are the “Bumbar II” agency which has been in business for 26 years.

    Within our agency we have an English kindergarten and a little school of English and (as of last year) German language.

    Why English kindergarten?

    - Because the prime period for language adoption is between 2-7 years of age.
    - Why is this the case?
    - Children above all don’t think English is difficult
    - They adopt it naturally by listening the same way they do their native tongue
    - They learn entire sentences or phrases which they successfully apply in different situations
    - They don’t worry if they’ll make mistakes

    We came to these conclusions through our work with children and of course the programs made specifically for them.

    When they start school, the little ones continue to learn at our little school of English, until the end of high-school.

    We of course accept children who haven’t attended our kindergarten first so that the circle of English language enthusiasts continues to grow.

    We prepare candidate for Cambridge certificates which are a very important certificate to prove your knowledge levels and are recognized by numerous global and national companies and institutions.

    The story doesn’t end here. We also have many adult students who would like to learn English for their own pleasure or work reasons.

    We currently offer a course of business English at AUNDE COMPANY.

    We work with the outstanding Paul Maury who runs the Belgrade English Language Theatre in Belgrade.

    His language workshops are an endless source of inspiration for all our students who always happily participate in them.

    As of this year we also organize German language courses for children and adults.

    Contact us via our other two e-mails:




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