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Special education teachers, speech therapists Uzice

Address: 39 Jug Bogdanova st., Uzice
Viber: 063/77-83-777

Educational center “Nas Svet” has from the start been conceptualized as the place where both kids and adults “grow up”.

Your kids will grow while working on their emotions, skills, knowledge and through contact with others, and the adults will do the same by getting support to help them better know themselves, others and getting answers to why we feel the way we feel and how to improve parenting skills.

Can we make a change in our lives if we want to?

The biggest satisfaction for someone who works with human souls is to observe someone who changes from the very moment they have their first counseling or therapy session, grows, becomes better and moves away from the “tyranny of the past”.

Working with adults and adolescents we use the transaction-analytic method of counseling and psychotherapy while working with children we use the Floortime therapy, play therapy and music, as well as classic defectology and speech-therapy methods.

We offer the following services:

- Following and advancing psycho-motor development in children, developing speech and language, learning functionality and emotional life

- We treat poorly developed speech skills, learning difficulties (in reading, writing and calculating), psychomotor instability (hyperactivity) and ticks.

- Speech therapy treatment

- Stimulative-corrective work in children with impaired hearing

- Stimulatve-corrective work with children suffering from slowed development

- Early detection of mild development disorders

- Multi-sensory approach to treating autism in children

- Therapeutic music used to treat children

- Developing language, music and creative abilities of children

- Guitar lessons

- Psychological counseling for adults

- Workshops for personal growth and development of adults

- How to improve communication?

- Thematic workshops

- How to utilize one’s true potential


EDUCATIONAL CENTER  NAS SVET, 39 Jug Bogdanova st., Uzice
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