Address: 34 Dragise Micica st., Ivanjica
Ivanjica Phone: +381 32 651-779, +381 63 8717-638

4/ 5stars

There are two ways to be truly happy: to have health and to have friends. Ivanjica at 468 m above sea level, with its nature, a moderateclimate, absence of fog, a lot of sunny days, suitable for the recovery of respiratoryorgans, anemia and immunity.
In addition, while you are resting and recovering from everyday life, you can visit Golija Mountain Nature Park, Maple-former borders of Serbia and Turkey Empire, cultural and historical monuments, monasteries, Hadzi-Prodan caves, and enjoy picking and consuming raspberries,forest and herbs.
One kilometer from the city center, near the Croatian city, separated from traffic noise, surrounded by greenery, is house-private accommodations"Obrenović" which contains double rooms, double and triplestudio.Smestaj is categorized and has CG, TV, KTV,internet, terrace, garden, parking and garage
Do not miss the opportunity to explore the life and culture of the people and gain
new friends ..