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    Machinery and tools Cacak

    Address: 10 Sime Sarage st., Cacak

    Selling, distributing and servicing YTO and ZETOR tractors in Cacak. 

    Kru&ka Cacak is a certified vendor and distributer of YTO and ZETOR tractors for west Serbia and Sandzak. 

    YTO Tractor YTO GRUPA is a leading Chinese manufacturer of agricultural and construction mechanization. The factory employs over 30,000 people. Our production capacity is immense - every five minutes a new tractor is completed on our assembly lines. They have proven to be cost-effective and simple to use (without excess electronics) as well as low-consuming with a massive construction and endurance in any work environment. Today, YTO tractors can be found across the Asian, European and American market. 

    Zetor tractor is one of the best-selling brands in our region and their basic traits are simplicity, longevity and luxurious comfort with extremely low maintenance costs. 

    We sell and distribute Zetor for West Serbia and also sell ZETOR tractors, spare parts and offer full-service support. 

    The company Zetor was founded in 1946 and has since grown into one of the most well-known tractor manufacturers in Europe. 

    Since its founding day and until now the factory has been located in Czech Republic, in the town of Brno. 

    In the period when it was founded and up until today, Zetor had sold over 1.200.000 different models of tractors all around the world.  

    Kru&ka Cacak is a producer and distributer of heating pellets on the territory of West Serbia. The Pellets are made out of wood, sunflowers, oak and more. 

    We can deliver your pellets to  Cacak, Gornji Milanovac, Kraljevo, Knic, Gruza, Kragujevac, Topola, Arandjelovac, Guca, Lucani, Pozega... 

    Kru&ka Cacak is also the seller and distributer of Pronar trailers for West Serbia. 

    Today, Pronar is the leader in producing and selling agricultural machines with almost 40% participation in the Polish market. 

    They are also a leader among global manufacturers of chassis, steel profiles, tractor trailers, hydraulic and pneumatic systems for agricultural and other machines.

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