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Address: 169 Dragise Misovica st., Cacak
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In business since: 1993.

Alfaterm company began work in 1993, as a company specializing in thermo-technical machinery and surface protection technology.

Our employees have three decades of experience in technology development and surface protection technology.

We are always focused on finding creative solutions and services designed to satisfy various needs of our buyers.

Years of experience in projecting and production will help us understand your needs and adjust to the new technologies.

For now, our goal is to provide high. quality equipment to improve the aesthetics and quality of surface protection products, reduce the expenses of polishing and lamination through easy maintenance and increased productivity while reducing waste.

Big technological changes that have occurred in this domain over the past years have become our own by extension, so our ambitions have never been higher.

We offer affordable automated technology to our buyers which is characterized by ease of use.

As we learn more about your wishes and needs, we will continue to improve our offer, present new devices and work on developing further advancements.

Our production lines, technology and services reflect the wishes and needs of our clients.

We would like to become a driving force in the market of surface protection and offer innovative solutions that will satisfy all your needs. We are developing a variety of technological solutions and auxiliary equipment that will help you work better and be more productive.

Many satisfied clients in the former Yugoslavia region and abroad are proof of our quality and advanced technology in the domain of surface protection.

ALFATERM company's production program includes:

- Shot-blasting cabins
- Polishing cabins
- Combined cabins for applying and drying liquid coating
- Chambered jumbo cabins
- Powder cabins
- Combined machine for chemical application
- Pre-filter + shifter
- Combustion chambers
- Lamination ovens
- De-powdering machines
- Chambered jumbo cabins
- Moisture driers
- Adhesive and sealing program
- Various kinds of combing carts, plateau carts, revolving tables for doors and plots, panel parts, bars, filters...

The company ALFATERM is a certified distributed for the American company GRACO.

We provide the services of distributing and servicing Graco products.

Graco company was founded in 1926 and is the world leader in systems and components for liquid handling. Graco products are used for measuring, controlling, dosing and applying various liquids and viscose materials used for vehicle lubrications and industrial lubrication. Graco brand represents experience, innovation, partnership and quality.

The success of the company is based on the indomitable need for technical excellence, global production and best possible service for our users.




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ALFATERM LTD, 169 Dragise Misovica  st., Cacak
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