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    Cakes and cookies Cacak

    Address: 5 Ljubicska st., Cacak

    Cake and pastry shop “Dessert” in Cacak began work in 1990. We started with hand-made products which at the time was enough for the needs of our town and its surroundings.

    Slowly but surely we improved step by step, both in terms of production and staff. It all led to Dessert now accessing a larger market and slowly conquering it.

    Today we have a modern production with the latest generation machines and equipment. Along with our improvement, we also worked hard to preserve our tradition and quality, even though we introduced new flavors and modern decorations. The market is always expanding and we can now proudly say that our cakes and pastries decorate tables at many celebrations around our country.

    “Dessert” brings together tradition and modern methods. We try to use our flavors to awaken nostalgia in celebrations such as slava days, weddings, birthdays, send off’s and the like. Not many of our competition can keep up with us, and we say that without false modesty. Our words are backed up by our product assortment, our quality and our excellent services.

    We are always one step ahead.