Address: Mrcajevci, Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 32 801 005
Phone 2: +381 32 800 899
Phone 3: +381 65 400 30 70
4/ 5stars

Our 25 years of tradition allow us to create the finest quality small pastries, cakes and other treats.

Simple recipes, excellent quality and a lot of love is what characterizes our products, perfect for all your celebrations.

We offer original recipes for savory and sweet program.

We offer various kinds of savory and sweet pastries, pies, pancakes, pizzas, patties, barbecue and in our sweet program we'd like to highlight formal children's, wedding and birthday cakes, sliced cakes, many types of small pastries and.

Our products don't need advertising, come and see for yourself!

Try our products at our milk restaurant or caffe "M" located in the center of Mrcajevac or you can order them through these numbers: