Address: nn Sljivovica, Zlatibor
Zlatibor Phone: +381 31 383 01 40
Phone 2: +381 65 883 05 40
4/ 5stars

When you are visiting Zlatibor and Tara or staying there, come over to Sljivovica village, to our Pego restaurant.

We are located around 10km away from Zlatibor in the Magistralni road towards Sarganska osmica, mecavnik, Mokra gora, Andric grad - Sarajevo, Dubrovnik.

We are located around 15km away from Tara.

You will be greeted by our restaurant's kind staff and served delicious home-made food such as:

- Hot flatbread, cornbread, "komplet" flatbread with lamb "pretop" (melted, then deep-fried lamb fat) from an old wood oven and home-made sour cream

- Cheese, "kajmak" krem, prosciutto, peppers in cream

- Our widely famous lamb roast and home-made "sljivovica" brandy

Pork roast per order

Various treats:

- Baklava
- Pancakes with home-made jam
- Ice-cream

All the ingredients we use in our restaurant come from the village Zlatibor and Tara and are prepared in the traditional way.


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