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    Funeral services Zajecar

    Address: 77 Ivana Milutinovica st., Zajecar


    Venac Zajecar is a family company that has been in the undertaking profession for almost three decades.

    We’ve always done our best to be there for our clients in their hardest moments and help them at least a little bit in going through tragic events with as much dignity and ease as possible. Our 29 years of existence are proof that we are successful in that domain.

    We offer the following services:

    International transportation

    We transport posthumous remains all throughout Europe in new, comfortable and safe special vehicles.

    We come to the deceased’s location as soon as possible, arrange all the required documentation at the city hall and embassies.

    We bathe and dress your deceased, as well as place them into the coffin for transport.

    Transport within our country

    We pick up your deceased at your home and bathe, dress, arrange and keep them in special, temperature-regulated chambers (coolers).

    We prepare the paperwork

    We schedule funerals and wakes

    We organize post-funeral mentions

    When needed we organize exhumations and gravesite arrangement.

    Funeral equipment.

    Great selection of caskets and tombstones, death covers, mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, upholstery, sheets and blankets.

    Full wardrobe for the deceased – underwear, suits, shoes and other accessories.

    Big selection of black funeral clothing, candles and wreaths.

    We make floral arrangements out of real flowers and print death posters.

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