Address: Svetog Teodora Vrsackog square 11, Vrsac
Vrsac Phone: +381 13 837-338, +381 63 546-537

4/ 5stars

House wines RAB is the place to be the city, where he will be able to come together and try wine producers and our other fellow citizens. And that while socializing, talking with quiet music and food and wine to proudly bring their guests throughout the country and the world. Monitors the quality of the whole story (the origin of wine, the proper temperature and aging service, the food that goes with wine ...) music, cultural staff and low prices. Joining guests under 18 is prohibited (unless accompanied by parents). So in order to ensure a quiet corner in which people feel beautiful and comfortable. The position is home to comply with the rules of the Church's fasting, therefore, serves only the fast food that is barren or the right wine and food (rye bread, olives, cheese, smoked carp ...). House wines RAB is a place provides a nice environment for middle-aged people, whose choice of places to go in this city to a minimum. Hall of separation that we have, we offer the ideal location for meetings, meetings, presentations and celebrations. More would only say that we have made every effort to provide wines from around the world (Australia, Chile, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Greece ...) the rest is up to you, but you choose one do not forget: best wines from all wine is PRICASTNO because what man dies in both worlds and centuries.