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Present • 2005 I met M. Petrovic, S. Marinkovic and B. Krcunović that all together we make it possible to do the then production of wine that was a slight pick up in a very respectable level of quantity and especially quality. • Since then I expanded their production is almost five times (with the 3000lit 14500lit) are for three years. • I have restored the equipment that I buy more usage by more than 9 barrels 500lit, 2 the court and one volume 2600lit 1600lit of equipment I still buy more usage the pump with a filter set, I restored the old mechanical press, I bought another mechanical press, all of that has not yet Finally, ... • In addition to the existing vineyard area 98a62m ² which contains a diverse assortment (Slankamenka, i.rizling, Parishioner, Cormorant and with 3437 vines, 2007. based on newly planted vineyards on the surface of 47a08m ² assortment in. 1798 Riesling with vines. • This is not the end all, of 2008. I plan to establish vineyards on the surfaces of 1h18a25m ² with varieties I. Riesling, Probus and Slankamenka 4100 with almost entire plant. • If we plan to accomplish this year possess vineyards in the area of 2h63a95m ² with nearly 9335 pieces of the plant. • already think the next year to plant more vineyards, more precisely 1h08a40m ², sort of pure Parishioner (terrain between free choice of varieties) • 2007god end and the beginning of the year above mentioned gentlemen and I started with creating a plan to build a small tasting room for receptions to our guests and potential tourists.