Wine cellars Vrsac

Address: nn Bihacka st., Vrsac

Enjoy life with a glass of nectar from the slopes of Vrsac vineyards. 

Family, traditional values and a love for wine are deeply woven into the foundations of the Aleksandar Winery. 

The roots run as deeply as the vines that spites the ‘kosava’ winds of Vrsac and turns its strength into the sweet fruit they bear. 

We at the Aleksandar Winery create our wines in harmony with nature. We listen to nature and follow its cycles. 

The labels of our winery carry that message and the flavors and aromas blend into every mood and occasion. 

There’s the energetic Sol, the mystical Luna, the romantic Ester, delicate Stela and playful Aurora. 

An entire universe of enjoyment in a single sip. 

Although, not many people stop at a single sip… 



VINARIJA ALEKSANDAR, nn Bihacka st., Vrsac
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