Address: nn Popucke st, Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 14 283 894
Phone 2: +381 14 283 598
Phone 3: +381 64 6430 786
4/ 5stars

At about 90 km from Belgrade, under Povlen, Jablanik, Medvednik known Valjevo mountains, above the river Kolubara by Pobrežje Vlasic 7 kilometers from the city of Valjevo in the village Popucke, there is a good Despotović-house social care facilities and care for the elderly, exhausted and sick persons.

This is the first institution of this type in this region, with permission to work the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, registered in the Commercial Court in Valjevo. Working since February 2007. House offers day and night Despotović good care, care and treatment to persons who can not independently care for themselves, whether old and young.

It includes:
• Accommodation (in single, double and triple rooms).
• Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, according to the needs of patients - deal).
• Medical care (service-level nurses with the possibility to consult a doctor or specialist).
• Use of TV and phone, if necessary patients.
• Any accommodation of visitors, our customers (relatives, friends).
• The possibility of ultrasound diagnosis.
• EKG, application of the method akumpukture (complete all 3 stages of the European Association of Traditional Medicine). • Use of mineral water for therapeutic purposes (proven medical value).

All these services are in line with our capabilities and by prior arrangement, adapted to our potential customers. Chamber of modern architecture, with a total area of 500 m2, equipped with its own city and water from a well, its own heating system.