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    Adult care home Sabac

    Address: nn Stevana Sindjelica st., Slepcevic, Sabac
    Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
    Wifi WiFi
    In business since: 07.2018.

    The first licensed private care home for the elderly in Macva.

    We are the first social-protection/care home for the elderly and the infirm in Sabac, and we began work in July 2018 under the Ministry decision number 022-02-00097/2018-19

    The experience we gained with years of work we invested in our new luxurious home in Macva, Slepcevic just outside Sabac.

    Only a few km away from the center of the city towards Loznica, our 1,000m2 institution occupies an area of 60 acres. Here, your loved ones can spend their days in peace and comfort in a friendly and family atmosphere and with the greatest attention from nurses, physical therapists, doctors and social workers.


    For your better and safer life we have nurses present 24h, there to provide you with suitable therapy every day, measure your blood pressure, temperature, take care of your hygiene when needed, administer injections, infusions or insulin. They are also there to help you with bathing, changing, diet and walking.

    Per need or per your request, we can arrange for an examination by a specialized doctor, ECG or laboratory testing.

    Our home has its own AMBULANCE VEHICLE to transport people with impaired and no movement with or without medical staff assistance


    Five meals a day


    Breakfast: meal, seasonal fruit, snacks


    Lunch: daily cooked meal, soup/chowder, main course (always with meat), salad

    Coffee or tea per choice

    Snack: biscuits, sweets, fruit

    Dinner: meal adjusted to every user’s needs


    Comfortable, tastefully furnished and adjusted to the users’ needs

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