Address: 12a Jelovogorska st., Uzice
Uzice Phone: +381 65 541 40 01
Email: office@tehnix.pro
Web: www.tehnix.pro
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TEHNIX.PRO is a company specialized in the production of machinery and equipment for carpet services.

The company, based in Uzice, was established in 2003 and has since worked on specific projects related to machine industry.

Our experience in the production and use of our machines allows us to deliver the customer a high quality and reliable product to meet the needs of both small as well as large carpets.

Each machine is tested before shipping to our customer service that has been operating for 15 years.

Also, we focus on constant improvement and development of our products so that we are able to offer customers a number of additional options for each machine, which greatly facilitate and speed up the work process while maintaining superior quality.

The fact that we have standards and certificates for export to the European Union and the Swiss market speaks volumes about the quality of our products.

By purchasing our centrifuges carpet (or any other machine or equipment) definitely get both quantitative and qualitative upgrading of your business.

Possession of such machines will soon be the standard for serious cleanup of any capacity.

The goal that we have set ourselves is that in the near future we are leaders manufacturing machines these purposes in the region.

Through cooperation with foreign partners we provide a permanent presence in the European market.