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    Machinery and tools Arilje

    Address: nn Vojislava Popovica Pipca st, Arilje
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
    In business since: 1971.

    The company "OSA" was founded back in the 1971. It was created by its very name is a shaft that is usually present in its products, and this is the abbreviation of its founder and owner of the processing Savic, a successful businessman from Arilje. The first is producing small elements in the mechanical industry (various assemblies and sub-assemblies, bolts, etc..), And already 78-79 years. It has grown into a modern factory with modern and made their own gear program.

    OSA is always trying to follow the needs of the modern market while its machines found application in the timber industrji (woodworking machines), machines for aluminum walls, and other machines for sheet metal profiling.

    Machines for stonemasons (cutter, stone cutting, typewriters letters in stone) manufacture all types of gears and gear of various performances that are an integral part of its program, with which the company became famous as beyond the borders of our country.

    - Gear
    - Micro Worm Gear
    - Worm gearboxes
    - Gears worm gear
    - Timing Gear
    - Planetary Gear
    - Worm gearboxes with 24V speed control - low power
    - Machines for making aluminum walls, and others.

    PROGRAM gear (gear teeth):
    - Cylindrical gears with bevel and straight teeth
    - Snails and round worm (worm wheel)
    - Racks
    - Tanjirasti Conical gears with straight teeth
    - Development of internal gearing with straight and oblique teeth
    - Making swept gear
    - Development of chain gears (sprockets)
    - Development of spiral gears
    - Axles and shafts
    - Threaded Spindle
    - Thread Grinding

    - Repair and maintenance of gear and other gear
    - Treatment of metal per sample or technical documents
    - Production of parts for machinery and machinery poljprivredne
    - Making parts for machine industry
    - Making rollers for the printing industry

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