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The first private practice in West Serbia and among the first in the former Yugoslavia since 1987.

Decades of tradition and modern equipment and specialist - Dental procedures are a guarantee of safe, painless and quick path to a healthy and beautiful smile.


- Dental Tourism
Be our guest. Repair teeth and improve health. Western Serbia is known for its natural beauty and good food where you will be able to enjoy the delights of Zlatibor and Tara.

- Implants
A dental implant is a titanium screw that is installed in the upper or lower jaw and replaces the root of a missing tooth. Thanks to the implant, you will have a beautiful smile and healthy jaw.

- Prosthetics
Metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges, as well as the latest full and partial dentures from lightweight materials to which the patients are very easy and quick to adapt.

- Crowns
Metal-free ceramic is the culmination of modern dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry would practically inconceivable without metal ceramics.

- Bridges
Bridges are fixed denture consisting of multiple connected crowns and "bridged" toothless spaces in the jaw.

- Composite fillings
Aesthetic fillings based on composite or "white fillings" are now the material of choice in repair teeth damaged by decay.

- Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a procedure in which various discolorations are removed from the tooth surface, and the color itself becomes whiter teeth.

- Surgical removal of teeth
Although removal of teeth is a routine intervention there are cases when you need to hire a specialist doctor in order to have the tooth pulled out.

- Bone extensions
Adding, extending or bone augmentation is a procedure for adding an artificial bone or own (autologous) bone.

- Periodontal surgery
Periodontal surgery deals with the surgical treatment of periodontal disease is an infection which is the supporting structures of the teeth.

- Pediatric Dentistry
Make sure your child has healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The first visit to the dentist should be done before the first birthday.

- Endodontic treatment of the teeth
Heal your teeth with large crowns defects arising from trauma or as a result of carious lesions.

Working time:

weekdays: 08 - 20h
Saturday: 08 - 14h

For emergency, we have the non-stop.