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Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Uzice

Address: 44 Omladinska st., Uzice

The work of all employees Z.P.T.R. M-LINE strives to our product range of aluminum and PVC internal and external joinery closer to European standards while at the same price adjusts purchasing power of the domestic customer.

Responsible argue that materials incorporated in our products are carefully selected as surely guarantees quality and durability.

The selection window depends on the mode of construction, interior design, but also able buyer, so we tried to a wide range of AL and PVC, its customers complement program supporting facilities such as aluminum blinds, roller garage doors, sectional doors, blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds ...

In order to expand its offer completeness we introduced the program Al and PVC in the selection of suppliers carefully chosen profile of the renowned manufacturers KOMMERLING.

Thus we are able to offer you a complete range of KOMMERLING system and thereby fulfill almost every request guaranteeing European recognized quality.

Thanks to the experience of over 40 years KOMMERLING is one of the leading manufacturers of composition window profiles.

From the very beginning, insisted on the optimal combination of proven know-how and technical progress and are thus KOMMERLING window profiles term best solutions for windows - the quality of which can be assured.

ALUMINIUM AND PVC M - LINE, 44 Omladinska st., Uzice
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