Address: 35 Dusana Trivunca st., Svrljig
Svrljig Phone: +381 18 821-268

4/ 5stars

There are many restaurants! Very often they have similar names and usual menus. Many road taverns have a very simple name KAMIONDZIJE (truckers) from a simple reason, because they are opened for the tired drivers of the road cruisers. However, only one restaurant in Serbia has the name KAMIONDZIJE KVALITET (truckers’ quality) and is located in Svrljig! The difference is immediately obvious, beginning from the special warmth of the space, over very kind staff to the min advantage of this catering facility relating to any other – the quality, taste, the looks and size of barbecue specialties. Only here, at any part of a day during a week you can get such portions like you have never seen before! Regular burger of half a kilogram, the filled burger of 800gr, sausages and smoked vesalica (a stripe of meat) are quite another story – the portion size is 1 meter, filled burger is half a meter long portion of rolled burger is 900gr, one cevapcic is only 100gr, and so on. And the logical question is: - Can anyone eat all that? Yes they can! The guests are regular, they come from all parts, mostly from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Zajecar, Bor, Negotin because it is on the way, it is a stop on the way where they always stop, and they do not regret few kilometers more because lunch or dinner in KAMIONDZIJE-KVALITET is a special experience. Of course it is not a problem, the remains will be packed for you to finish them when you are hungry again and when you wish to remember the distant catering facility in Svrljig! And it’s not only about the big portions that can for certain enter the Guinness book of records. Besides the quantity, the quality of meat is a special story, always fresh and the best meat from the restaurant’s butcher shop KAMIONDZIJE – KVALITET! With the quantity and quality we have to note that the prices are 30 to 50 % lower than in the similar objects. So this is how it have been for the last 27 years, more exactly since 1980, when Mr Vinko Miloradovic, who was a trucker himself, was provoked by the bad offer in various restaurants decided to use his previous catering experience and show how it is done! So, stop by any time during the week from 08 to 24h into the first and only original restaurant KAMIONDZIJE KVALITET in Svrljig, on the 25th kilometer of Nis-Zajecar road, to admire, to enjoy, to have a good bite and of course bring it home with you.