Address: 150 Senćanski put street, Subotica
Subotica Phone: + 381 24 54 74 74
Phone 2: + 381 24 55 78 85
Fax: + 381 24 54 73 00
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BIROGRAFIKA MB was founded in 2006 as a trading company. In the ownership transformation of the famous Birografika Printing House (founded in 1920), and the announced shutdown of certain production sectors that have been synonymous with quality printing in our area, we had the desire and need to keep a production capacity of this brand, and we are retaining skilled staff technological equipment and successfully continued the long, traditionally known for high quality business. Our main activity is the production of printed materials. We provide full service lexicography, mechanic and offset printing, and our advantages are the ability to print a large circulation, and meet specific customer demands, and the best proof that our reference. Since time is money and that the service has to leave an impression, we strive towards consistency in quality and fair business, and we become and remain a trustworthy printing house!