Address: 8 Zeleznicka st., Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 14 221 337
Phone 2: +381 14 220 259
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TOP-TIM was established in 1990.

We are engaged in the manufacture and trade of advertising material - lighters, pens, notebooks, calendars, textile articles and the like.

We do all types of printing, laser engraving on all materials as well as on metal, stamping, hot stamping.

We offer laser engraving (seals, pads, cutting various materials, etc.).

In stock we have a large range of different items so we can at any time to respond to specific needs and wishes.

One of the main activities of the turnover of office supplies with which we participate in tenders and supply a large number of companies and institutions.

During these years, TOP-TIM has grown into a company prepoznatjivu by the variety, quality, relevance goods that the performance in front of their customers.

Following the trends, yet stylish and a little bit ahead, still youthful daring and curious, yet with a style that is the result of experience, TOP-TIM gives you the security of a real choice.

To be even closer to customers, TOP-TIM has four retail stores, three in Valjevo and one in Ubu.

Two more stores are designed as bookstores, while the store is located in the center of Valjevo, at Vuk Karadzic, 16, formed as an "exclusive gift shop."

TOP-TEAM Your reliable partner in the past, present and future!

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Shop 1

Valjevo, Karađorđeva 101,
tel: 014 / 240-150
Opening hours: weekdays 08-2030, Saturday 08-15h

Shop 2

Valjevo, Vuk Karadzic 16,
tel: 014 / 231-705
Opening hours: weekdays 08-2030, Saturday 08-15h

Shop 3

tel: 014 / 411-010
07-2000 weekdays, Saturdays 07-15h

Shop 4

Valjevo, Zeleznicka 8,
tel: 014 / 220-259
08-2000 weekdays, Saturdays 08-15h

Shop 5
Valjevo, Vojvode Mišića 2,
tel: 014/245 211
weekdays 09-20h, Saturdays 09-15h