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Address: 51 Karadjordjeva (2k Alekse Santica) st., Sid
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After the examination and determination of your diopter within our optical shop, you can expect a rich assortment:

- lenses
- frames (plastic, metal, nylon...)
- all types of contact lenses and their maintenance solutions.

We also provide installation of prescription lenses, plastic, and all types of specialized lenses.

We offer a wide selection of sunglasses with quality protective lenses as well as the option to have prescriptions installed in them.

Operating hours of Kuburic Lux Optics :

Monday-Thursday from 08:00 to 20:00
Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 - 20:00 sliding

The specialist ophthalmology clinic VASE OKO has become recognizable for the expertise and kindness of its staff and the respect for its patients.

The clinic offers a comprehensive eye examination for preventive protection, as well as ongoing monitoring and preservation of your vision.

Vision correction and treatment of eye diseases ensure the health of one of the most important human senses.

It is especially important to correct visual impairment in children and youth in a timely manner to avoid permanent consequences of poor vision.

"The eye is the mirror of the soul, but also the window to the body."

Therefore, an eye examination is also part of the protocol for examining internal or neurological patients.

The functions of our senses are to connect us with the external world.

Among these senses, the eye is the most important receiver and analyzer.

For the realization of our vision, a healthy eye is necessary.

So, take care of and nurture your eyes.

Years of work, acquired experience, and ongoing education of our staff provide the opportunity to answer all your questions and meet your needs.

Basic ophthalmological examination:

- Determination of visual acuity for distance and near vision
- Measurement of intraocular pressure
- Examination on a slit lamp of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye (fundus)

You can also undergo:

- Color vision testing
- Testing tear duct permeability
- Skiascopy (determination of refraction in mydriasis - dilated pupil)
- Modern determination of all types of contact lenses (soft, silicone hydrogel RGP...) with professional training for beginners.
- Control and correction of existing diopters
- Instrumental eyelash epilation
- Transparency of ocular media, lens opacity - presence of cataracts, as well as monitoring its development
- Postoperative follow-up examinations
- Schirmer's test (dry eye testing)
- Removal of foreign bodies from the anterior parts of the eye
- Treatment of eye diseases (styes, various types of conjunctivitis, eye herpes...)

KUBURIC LUX OPTICS, 51 Karadjordjeva (2k Alekse Santica) st., Sid
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