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    Ophthalmologic surgery Novi Sad

    Address: 12 Marodiceva st., Novi Sad
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    In business since: 1993.
    Distance from the city center of Novi Sad: 1400 m

    SPECIAL HOSPITAL Ophthalmic ELIXIR Special Ophthalmic Hospital in Novi Sad Elixir (Marodiceva 12) works in the Serbo-Russian company Elixir-Kaluga Ltd Novi Sad from 1993. The hospital has modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of eye of children and adults. It is famous for longstanding professional and business cooperation with the famous Russian Fyodorov eye clinic in Kaluga - Government offices intersectoral scientific and technical complex Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. In the special ophthalmologic hospital Elixir always visiting the most famous Russian oftalmo surgeons with Fyodorov Eye Clinic, who, as consultants, in addition to our ophthalmologist, performed a consultative examination of patients. Thanks to the cooperation program has been developed and hospital Elixir - in Kaluga for better vision dedicated to specific operational and conservative treatment of eye diseases by methods of Academician Fyodorov, oftalmohirurga world renown. Elixir hospitals every month is organizing a trip to Russia for patient care and eye surgery under the Program in Kaluga for better vision. All patients included in this program have a free check-ups at the Hospital Elixir in consultation visiting Russian oftalmohirurga, three months after surgery and special discounts in the prolonged treatment of Novi Sad. Over the long term cooperation with the eye clinic Fyodorov in Kaluga (Russia) was used over 16 thousand of complex operations on the eye and other medical services for patients who have traveled there in the organization of hospitals Elixir, while in Novi Sad, in this hospital, completed more than 100 thousand consultative examinations, of which half was in the humanitarian programs. Special Ophthalmic Hospital Elixir is also known for permanent humanitarian actions are for infants, pregnant women, children, the blind and visually impaired persons, pensioners, persons with diagnosed diabetes. Special ophthalmic hospitals have Elixir of modern diagnostic equipment and a top medical team that provides services to patients from Serbia, Montenegro and former Yugoslav republics. All this takes place in eight extremely well-equipped specialist Cabinet - CABINET FOR DIAGNOSIS - CABINET FOR SPECIALIST eye examination - CABINET FOR CONTACT LENSES - OFFICE OF ARGON LASER - CABINET FOR Field - OFFICE OF ENERGY INCENTIVES - OFFICE OF ACUPUNCTURE - CABINET FOR Vlok Opening hours hospital: - Every day from 08 - 14h - Saturdays and Sundays from 08 - 13h

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