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    Funeral services Sid

    Address: 59 Cara Dušana street, Šid

    Entrepreneur Marija Lukic. BELA RADA PLUS flower shop We work over 20 years. Florist BELA RADA PLUS is equipped with a large selection of flowers from Holland, chopped pot. There you brighten your day and celebrate the most beautiful floral arrangements, decorations. FREE DELIVERY to the desired address We are located at the Car Dusan no. 59, Sid Our phone numbers are 022-710-196, mob. 060-44-222-46 Always true to you and quality. Your Bela Rada Plus. Funeral Equipment BELA RADA PLUS Complete funeral equipment, funeral flower arrangements with the lowest prices in town. Free transport and obituaries. Call us at any time, day or night, or come personally to the Car Dusan street no. 59, Sid 022-710-196, 022-711-973 EIGHT OF MARCH Treat your loved one a beautiful bouquet, floral arrangement or basket of 101 roses, and we are here to provide it for free. Best highest quality and best florist, your BELA RADA PLUS