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Address: 17 Prote Isakovica st., Arandjelovac
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In business since: 1993.
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For 30 years Flower shop M (Mila) has been with you, and shared the beautiful and sad moments.
Decades of experience and knowledge of our clients' needs has resulted in expanding the range of our care providers, so we Cvećarska addition to the standard activities included in its offer a complete range of funeral equipment and supporting services:
- Funeral coffins (coffins) with all equipment
- The transport of the deceased in the country and abroad
- Printed obituaries, candles, candlesticks, blackness, wreaths and tears of natural and artificial flowers
- Restaurant dining to 100 seats, with parking
- Catering services (food delivery to your home address)
We did everything to make our good organization and professionalism facilitate the hardest moments in your lives - friends and serve to ensure that they find themselves at the service when needed.
On these pages we will introduce you in more detail with our offer and further information can be obtained by contact HERE.
24 hours, we are at your disposal.
Transportation of the deceased at the municipal level Aranđelovac free.

Funeral equipment
In our store you can find all the necessary funeral services in one place.

Conference lunches
In the fully equipped dining hall on the occasion of organizing lunches memorial service and burial.

Flower shop
In our flower shop you can find all kinds of fresh and artificial flowers, floral arrangements, wreaths, tears, candlesticks.

FUNERAL EQUIPMENT M, 17 Prote Isakovica st., Arandjelovac
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